Years of Experience

Years of Experience

I started my career in the food service business. There I learned that training and mentoring people worked alot better than yelling out orders. I, also, learned how to think outside the box. I remember an interesting story. One of the stores I was managing had a problem with food cost. I knew someone had to be stealing, but couldn’t determine who it was. So, I decided to put up a picture of Jesus and a caption that said “He’s Watching”. Wouldn’t you know it, the theft stopped immediately.

When I was 30, I went to college to become a mathematician. While there, I fell in love with computers and decided to add that to my program. I soon found out that I had a real knack for programming and soon started my own business. I have written software and designed web sites for the Michigan Department of Resources, Buick, call centers, retail stores and others. I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and ASP. I also have a thorough understanding of SQL Server and mySQL. I work with serveral tools and am not afraid to learn a new tool when it proves to be beneficial to the customer.

When asked, what do I like to do, I answer that I like to watch movies and to learn. One of my real strengths is my desire to learn. I am constantly learning new development languages and packages. I am not satisfied to sit on past knowledge but believe that we only grow when we learn. If you need something done in a language or package I do not know, never fear. I will learn and adapt. 

Another thing that I like to do is study the human mind. I have a degree in Cognitive Science and have taken several classes on behavior. I am a certified hypnotists and life coach. I enjoyed learning about this so much I even wrote a book about it. You can read it for free with your Amazon Prime membership by clicking the link below:

Web Design Languages
HTML 95%
CSS 95%
PHP 85%
JavaScript 85%
Web Design Products
Word Press 85%
Woo Commerce 70%
Magento 75%
Drupal 80%
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